Thursday, 22 December 2016

Flash Mob Dance Fun & Success

My first dance back into the dance scene was choreographing a dance routine for a flash mob dance. It was incredible. I had a range of dance levels, from a range of ages up to 62 and different dance abilities, in addition we only had two days to practice. So the ability to create easy to learn and remember moves was paramount.

The result was epic. Everybody had a ball dancing and everyone who saw it, thought it was great!

This was a great way for me to get back into performing and dancing. I am excited for what happens next!

For those, who would like to learn how to choreograph a flash mob dance, the instructions are included in my online course, " How to choreograph a dance routine," Join here and receive a $15 discount. Simply add to cart, click checkout and see the discount automatically added.

Have you ever performed in a flash mob dance? I would love to hear what you did or share your video in the comments.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

It's time to re-start in dance

It's time to re-start in dance

Written by Melanie Toye

I have started dancing again. I used to dance all the time and then without a proper mentor, I didn't realise the incredibly opportunities available in dance. I thought there was just one option and I knew how hard it was to make the cut. On top of that, I didn't agree with their values they enforced on their dancers, so I quit.

Of course not completely. How can a ballerina quit, when it was 80% of her world?

I danced, but mainly at home or in gym dance classes. I started my own online dance business, where I even created my own online dance classes.

Move time forward, I am still young and you know, I did think age was a barrier. Yet, I have seen 90 year old's in the latest pop music film clips, doing the splits, or dancing a full routine, which made me realise, no-one is ever to old to dance?

So why hide or push away my great ability and more importantly, my love for dance?

Not me. Not any more.

I am getting back into dance and watch out. I am bringing you with me!

  • I want people who have learned dance but stopped for whatever reason to try again. 
  • I want people who have never learned to give this a go! (I have taught male and females to dance!)
  • I want me to share my gift with the world and more importantly, my passion and soul for my love of dance and this is what this site is. 

A website that encompasses every thing of my / your dancing life/world. Are you ready? I am.