Saturday, 19 November 2016

It's time to re-start in dance

It's time to re-start in dance

Written by Melanie Toye

I have started dancing again. I used to dance all the time and then without a proper mentor, I didn't realise the incredibly opportunities available in dance. I thought there was just one option and I knew how hard it was to make the cut. On top of that, I didn't agree with their values they enforced on their dancers, so I quit.

Of course not completely. How can a ballerina quit, when it was 80% of her world?

I danced, but mainly at home or in gym dance classes. I started my own online dance business, where I even created my own online dance classes.

Move time forward, I am still young and you know, I did think age was a barrier. Yet, I have seen 90 year old's in the latest pop music film clips, doing the splits, or dancing a full routine, which made me realise, no-one is ever to old to dance?

So why hide or push away my great ability and more importantly, my love for dance?

Not me. Not any more.

I am getting back into dance and watch out. I am bringing you with me!

  • I want people who have learned dance but stopped for whatever reason to try again. 
  • I want people who have never learned to give this a go! (I have taught male and females to dance!)
  • I want me to share my gift with the world and more importantly, my passion and soul for my love of dance and this is what this site is. 

A website that encompasses every thing of my / your dancing life/world. Are you ready? I am.

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