Friday, 17 March 2017

Dance basic instructions for beginners

Image via: Udemy 

Why you should dance

Dancing is fun!

I have never danced and thought this is not fun, ever. I even used to train to be a ballerina, tough classes but worth it.

Basic dance instructions to get you moving

Just go for it. Do it now. Stand up, turn on the music and just bounce to the beat, you know where you body has a slight bounce, or sway to the beat. Let your head relax and bop.

Of course it depends what music you are listening to.

Play with your hands, do twists, turns, roll together and add your arms to add height and then use your shoulders to really extenuate the movement.

Now get your waist moving side to side. Let your hips sway you further. Push that butt out. Now bounce.

Use you feet and legs to help you bounce, shake your head to the movement. Now your whole body is moving.

Now it's time to dance ...

Get ready ...

Now press play

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