Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The freedom of music

Image via: Tumblr

Do you ever wish that when a song really moves you, you could just break out and dance?

Sometimes I do, I get up and dance and it feels so fulfilling. Yet, other times I feel dissatisfied as if I can't seem to catch the music with the dance and I am not talking about my rhythm.

It appears the music has already reached this emotional level, yet as it's the first time I am hearing the music, I haven't already choreographed a dance. So could it be that I feel the more rehearsed the dance routine is, the more I can let go of my emotions throughout the movement to really show what the music and dance movements mean to me?

I think so.

I love free movement in dance and do a lot of it but I also love knowing the steps first so I can practice, practice and practice until the steps are memorised so I can really start to feel the music and let the emotions come through, each extension, each hand movement and expression to meet the heightened piece of music that makes my heart and legs want to leap.

Image via: Pinterest

Monday, 10 April 2017

Hip hop dance attitude

What makes hip hop dancing great

Hip hop is not just dancing, each movement pulls out attitude to go with the music.

Think about facing your ex after a bitter break up: Punchy hip hop moves and positions, along with the attitude of facing them.

A group of hip hop dancers needs to have tight choreography, hitting the beats, great music and costumes.

Most importantly, you need to own it. With any type of dancing, you need to know the steps and choreography so well that you can focus on just bringing the right attitude and owning it. This is your dance, so prove it. You have one shot to prove yourself and get your message across through this platform.

And if you looking for one of the better hip hop dance crews, who are in sync and are entertaining then watch this hip hop dance crew: