Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Dancing helps you let go of the build up of emotions

Image via: 8Tracks

Dance brings me so much joy. I didn't actually realise how much!

I haven't danced in a trained environment for roughly 15 years, yet I still love to dance.

Recently, with a major life transformation, I turned on the music and started dancing and guess what? I could not wipe away the smile on my face. I finally felt free. I was able to let go of my troubles through the movement and emotions of dance.

I have always held back in dance yet this year I have decided (with most goals I want), there is no more holding back. There is just no point. Why hold back your own potential? You could be brilliant yet instead you hold back from that brilliance ... why?

Showcase it.

With that use your emotions to let help you move with the music. Not only will you feel better, no matter if you are sad, angry or happy, you will have helped remove the stress from your body, feel better about yourself and have the confidence to move ahead with your situation.

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