Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Confidence in Dance

Source: Odyssey

Dance is something that feels incredibly vulnerable to do. It does not matter how good a dancer you are. You take that awesome hip-hop dancer and put them in a ballet class and watch them struggle with their confidence.

Confidence is all in the mind. So when the confidence drops, especially when dancers become an expert in a particular style of dance, when they try a new style, it’s hard to not get caught up on not being great …

Because that dancer has been awesome in their style for a very long time, they forget all the time, energy and training they have put into their dance style to make it their own. So trying something new, they won’t automatically be great at it.

Now take someone who has never danced before and put them in front of people and ask them to dance… their confidence may be at a good level and once the cheering starts, their confidence sky rockets, as does their smile.

The truth about dance is, as long as you feel confident and just give it your all, it doesn’t matter what dance style you dance, or how basic or technical the moves are, people won’t be able to take their eyes off you. Because of your confidence, you just let go and dance.

Letting go and dancing, is what makes dancing look incredible.

So be confident. Watch the best dancers in your dance style, perform and find what you can take from it to use when you dance.

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